picure of a solar roof vent in bradenton florida

Solar Roof Vents

Solar Roof Vents Benefits


Benefits of having a Solar Roof Vent here in the hot state of Florida:

  • Increases the life of your roof
  • No electricity needed for use
  • Cut your electricity bill by up to 50 dollars a month (Freeing your AC unit from all that stress)
  • Become more energy efficient
  • Cools your house
  • Reduces wood rotting moisture from the attic
  • Receive up to a 30% Tax Credit

Do you have rooms in your house that do not seem to cool down? Are you paying way too much in electric due to AC? If you have answered yes to either one of these questions, we can help you fix those high electric bills and hot rooms in the house. Our top of the line Solar Roof Vents help to extract the heat from your attic by pulling all the hot air out, via a reverse fan powered by a solar panel. Installation and materials are Tax Credited for up to 30% of the total amount charged.